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I have been shooting for years. Within the last few years I have found what I love to photograph, and that is Boudoir! During that time I opened my studio to all the beautiful women of Southern California. I've photographed over a hundred women within the past few years right here in my cozy studio in Moreno Valley, California located in the Inland Empire.

It is a great feeling to have a women find her confidence and sex appeal from doing a boudoir session. I love seeing the reactions when they see their finished product. The look of pure joy and amazement when they see just how hot they really are.

We as women struggle with being comfortable in our own skin. It's my job to make all of my gorgeous clients feel comfortable and desirable in front of the camera. 

My studio is perfect for a natural light photoshoot or studio lighting. With approximately 750 sq. feet of space, I have enough space and  multiple furniture pieces to give a great variety to your shoot!

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