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Boudie Accounts

The Boudie Account is for the Fabulous ladies who don’t particularly have a Fabulous bank account. Get the boudoir package you want, with an easy payment option with no interest. Extend payments out for up to 4 months. 

Steps to the Boudie Account

1. Choose your package, with any additional products that you may want.

2. Name your deposit amount! (Minimum $200) The more you put down the smaller the payments will be.

3. Which payment plan works best for you? After the deposit, you have more options. You can select to have your payments monthly or bi-weekly, for up to 4 months.

This gives you ample time to come in for your complimentary consultation, find the perfect lingerie, and get that booty in shape if you want. Treat yourself you deserve it!

Contact me for more info on Boudie Accounts & full Pricing Guide.

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