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Benefits of a Consultation

So you're thinking about doing a boudoir session.

I will always recommend consultations. With boudoir photography being so intimate its good to build a relationship with your photographer.

There are two types of girls. Those who've already done a session and those who haven't. Scheduling a consultation is always best for both types. For the girl who has done a boudoir session it just gives her a chance to meet the photographer see the studio and just chat about some ideas that she may have for her next session, possibly something different than what she's done last time.

Then we have the the majority of women who come into my studio, who haven't done a boudoir session before. They are very excited but yet extremely nervous and have tons of questions. For your first time, all sorts of feelings are common and expected. You're going to be posing in front of a stranger. And depending on how sexy you want to get in your session possibly even partially nude. This is where having a consultation prior to the session comes into play and is a great idea. You're able to come in, sit and chat with the photographer "me" prior to your session and get to know them. Consultations can help with the feeling of being nervous when you come in for your actual session.

Building rapport with my clients helps alleviate jitterbugs that they may have. This is also a way for us to discuss what you're looking for out of your boudoir session. Meaning, are you looking for something bright and airy or something a little bit more dark and edgy. What is your comfort zones as far as showing skin? There's so many things to talk about which emailing back-and-forth, texting back-and-forth or even a phone call sometimes isn't as personable enough compared to us talking together one on one right in front of each other chatting like girls do.

So I offer free consultations. With the consultation you are not obligated in anyway to purchase anything or even book a session. The consultation is mainly for you to learn more about my boudoir photography and if doing a boudoir session is for you. My whole goal with doing free consultations is to mainly educate clients. If they've already done a session then the course there are more educated on what goes on with the boudoir session and so on. If not then it's my job to help educate them as far as the flow of the session, lingerie choices for their body type, different fun props that they can possibly bring in and the different types of lingerie.

Surprisingly there are so many women that don't know the different types of lingerie or at least the appropriate names for them. This bit of education helps so they can go out and purchase what they're looking for and what they like and looks good on them. All this is the bases to why I offer free consults and the whole purpose of even doing a consultation.

If you or a friend are considering doing a boudoir session contact me at to schedule your free consultation.


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