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What's so empowering about boudoir? | Inland Empire Boudoir Photographer | Krystle's Boudoir

I get asked these questions so much.

Why is boudoir & glamour photography so empowering?

Why do people say it's empowering?

Or How will I feel empowered?

To answer these questions, we first have to look at the definition of what "empower" is to better see the reason.


Empower - make (someone) stronger and more confident, especially in controlling their life and claiming their rights.


When you feel beautiful, attractive you feel a sense of confidence...thus you feel empowered! Vise versa, an empowered woman is a confident women, a brave women and a strong women.

With that being said....we are visual creatures as humans, when we look at ourselves every day in the mirror we sometimes see ourselves in ways that we may not like. The lack of confidence...ugh. That little devil can ruin your whole day!

That's where I come in.....


"An empowered women is a confident women."

"A confident women can conquer the world!"

~Krystle's Boudoir


All steps toward self love...

Side note:

It takes time and energy that you have to put in to YOU to love YOU. It's not something that can happen over night nor am I saying "boudoir is the magical answer", but I am blessed to be a step in that process for most women.

"Do something daily for YOU, that makes you feel good about yourself, confident in yourself, and stronger!" ~Krystle's Boudoir

So how does Boudoir play a role...?

I am here to photograph you in ways and angles you have not seen your self. In this you will see how beautiful you truly are making you feel more confident and stronger. As soon as you walk through my doors it is my job to make you feel confident and beautiful. If I have made you feel that in any way even just a little than I have done my job.

Remember that there is nothing wrong with wanting to feel/look sexy, and beautiful inside and out. So...when you have a day...where you aren't feel so good about yourself. Take a look back at your boudoir/glamour portraits and say "I am beautiful, this is me!", because regardless of the makeup, hair do, outfits, it is still you and you are still and always will be beautiful.

Stay Gorgeous,


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